Editorial - The End of an Era

I have not known when or if I would sell the Southern Star. But nearly a year after having had a disabling stroke it became time for me to consider selling the Southern Star.  The Southern Star owned by Joe H Adams to Pierre Little of Calais, Maine came about on October 29th. 

Looking back on my tenure I became editor on the last issue of August 1957 and publisher in 1969 to settle a tax debt against The Southern Star. 

After serving two years in the Army, I came back and joined my father taking over as editor in August 1957. My first 12 years as editor coincided with the last 12 years of my grandma's service with the Southern Star. She had worked full time assisting two sons from 1925 up until her death in 1969. 

Looking at my tenure from a legacy standpoint the Southern Star launched 2 editorial campaigns. One in 1963 to bring the legal sale of alcohol and in 1961 for the earmark 3 mill property tax to support the local hospital 

The vote came up again in 1972, this time the measure passed by 437 votes. Since that time, legal sale of alcohol has had a positive economic impact in the county and has directly raised thousands for Vivian B Adams school through its share of the beer tax.

In 1961 the 3 mil earmark tax passed by 37 votes. An earmark tax to support 

The issue of legal control of alcohol had been opposed by the 9 votes on it several times before the campaign 1951 since that tax measure passed Dale County Hospital and Dale Medical Center has received several million dollars

Several times an earmark tax for the hospital had been voted down.

Both issues had little public support before the Southern Star brought them up for vote.

I am remaining connected with the paper on an emeritus status editor and publisher.

I will continue to write Star Scribe Scribblings and occasional editorials.

We welcome Pierre Little to Ozark and wish him every success. I think he has some ideas to improve the newspaper in some ways.

During my tenure I saw the newspaper printing come from a hot metal letterpress process to offset printing beginning in 1970. Several improvement measures during the offset printing era occurred in color pictures as well as colors in advertising. The Southern Star will continue to be published in Ozark under Pierre Littles ownership and management and Christina Faulkner will remain as Associate Editor.

So, the era has ended after 154 years of being published by the Adams Family. 

  • Joseph H. Adams

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